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The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway has its own Pay & Display car park for its customers.  It is clearly signed.  Turn left between the two railway bridges.

There is limited free parking in front of the Village Hall opposite the Village Green and in front of The Inn at Ravenglass and Rose Garth just beyond the Neb   Parking is not allowed on the ramp leading up to the ford over the River Mite. The Inn at Ravenglass and the Pennington Hotel have car parks for their own customers.

Otherwise please use the Village Car Park.  Follow the signs.  Regrettably this is now a Pay and Display car park.  Parking here used to be free but charges were introduced on 1 April 2011 by the Lake District National Park Authority despite protests from the Forum and the Parish Council. 

The charges immediately caused an increase in indiscriminate parking around the village.  That caused inconvenience to residents and obstructed access for delivery and emergency vehicles.  To protect the environment of our village from this kind of nuisance and to keep Main Street a pleasant and safe place for residents and visitors to enjoy on foot,  the Forum and the Parish Council had to request a Traffic Regulation Order.  The Order, which is now in force, introduces Access Only restrictions in part of Main Street and the Croftlands/Townfield estate.

Please can we have free parking back?

Free use of the main car park encouraged visitors to enjoy our village and use it as a base for exploration of the area on foot, by bike and by boat.  Fewer people now do this and our local businesses report a loss of trade in consequence.  We hope you will continue to support them.

We would very much like to see the parking charges removed. People should be able to spend a whole day, or several days, in our village without being anxious about when their parking tickets will run out.  If the charges  have curtailed your enjoyment of Ravenglass or stopped you coming here, please write and make your feelings known to Mr Mike McKinley, Chairman, Lake District National Park Authority, Murley Moss, Oxenholme Road, Kendal LA9 7RL.  Mark the envelope ‘PERSONAL’.

In the meantime we have to ask visitors to be considerate about parking.  Please respect the Access Only signs.  Do not pass them unless you have a genuine reason to do so.



You may drive a motor vehicle beyond these signs if you are a resident, the guest of residents, or you  have business at any premises within the Access Only area. e.g. if you are a carer, a tradesperson hired to do work or you have to collect or deliver goods or passengers.  Customers of the Pennington Hotel may still access its car park from Croftlands Drive.  You may drive down Main Street to seek or use accommodation at the Bay Horse.

You may not drive on ‘just to have a look’ or to search  for free parking.  Forecourts in Main Street are private property.  The beach is not a public parking place.

Main Street is special.  It’s the heart of the village with a mixture of local architecture dating back several centuries.  It used to be the market place.  It is  broad in the middle with deliberate pinch points by the Pennington Hotel and at the other end where a ramp leads down to the beach.  This ‘cigar shape’ was a bit of medieval town planning to control any beasts that might want to leave the market early.  Main Street is, or should be, a place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves safely without being endangered by impatient and incompetent reversing by drivers who can’t read the signs.  Please use the car park and enjoy the village on foot

As the inconsiderate caravanners in the photos below illustrate, it is not a route to free parking on the beach.  This kind of behaviour alarms residents, who have experienced damage to their cars and properties.

Caravan Main St 23-6-2011

Large motorhome in difficulties
Photos by a local  resident, Summer 2011.